The Pain of War: Andree Girard & the making of O terre de détresse

Ellen Fernandez-Sacco and John D. Kysela wish to announce the availability of a chapter from the forthcoming ebook, An.Girard (1901-1968): An Artist in War, available as a download for a limited time:

The Pain of War : Andree Girard & the making of O terre de détresse

Andree Girard, image courtesy of Archives An. Girard, Paris

Andree Girard, image courtesy of Archive An. Girard, Paris

Andree Girard’s experience of the deportation and concentration camps at the height of the Second World War became part of an illustrated serigraph edition of O terre de détresse, a suite of poems written by Lucienne Laurentie while imprisoned at Holleischen concentration camp, with illustrations by Andree’s husband, Andre Girard. Andree never really spoke of this experience in any sustained detail, preferring to focus on the present. This is a brief reconstruction of the events that led to the camps and the serigraph book, which was printed in February 1951.

You can download the chapter from the link below.